90% Silver Dimes

The $500 Face Value Bag of 90% Silver Dimes includes iconic American dimes like the Mercury and Roosevelt dimes, minted before 1965. Comprising 90% silver, these coins are esteemed for their historical significance and silver content, totaling approximately 357.5 troy ounces per bag. Each dime design—from the Mercury Dime symbolizing liberty to the Roosevelt Dime honoring a late president—captures pivotal moments in American history. Highly collectible, these bags appeal to numismatists seeking to enrich their collections with well-preserved coins and diverse mint marks, offering a tangible link to America’s past and numismatic heritage.

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A $500 Face Value Bag of 90% Silver Dimes includes a collection of historically significant American dimes such as the Mercury (or Winged Liberty) and Roosevelt dimes, all minted before 1965. These coins are cherished not only for their silver content but also for their contribution to American numismatic history.

Key features of the $500 Face Value Bag of 90% Silver Dimes include:

  • Purity and Composition: Composed of 90% silver, these dimes reflect the high silver standards that were upheld in U.S. coinage prior to 1965. The bag totals approximately 357.5 troy ounces of silver, making it a significant silver reserve.
  • Design and Historical Significance: The designs range from the beloved Mercury Dime, which symbolizes freedom and liberty, to the commemorative Roosevelt Dime, which honors the late president. Each design marks an era’s social and political atmosphere.
  • Collectability: With the potential to find well-preserved coins or those with less common mint marks, these bags are highly sought after by collectors looking to add depth and diversity to their collections.
  • Legacy: These dimes offer a direct link to significant national narratives, making them not only valuable collectors’ items but also potent educational tools.

The $500 Face Value Bag of 90% Silver Dimes encapsulates a rich tapestry of American culture and history, offering both a tangible form of silver and a chance to own a piece of America’s numismatic legacy. This collection is a treasure trove for anyone interested in the artistry and story of U.S. coinage.