10 Oz Silver Bar

Combining substantial tangible value within investment grade precious metals, our 10-ounce silver bar features a globular mintmark stamp above its weight and purity markings on the obverse while the reverse describes elemental silver’s unique composition merged within .999 fine bullion sourced at competitive pricing compared to sovereign alternatives. With additional larger weight options also available, this domestically manufactured bar made right here in the USA offers investors excellent value to capitalize on silver’s crisis-proof intrinsic stability through resilient 10 full troy ounces of pure silver content.

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Combining substantial precious metal weight with quality craftsmanship, our 10-ounce silver bar offers investors excellent value encapsulated within .999 fine bullion.

Typical product attributes include:

  • 10 full troy ounces of pure silver content
  • Stamped with globular mintmark signifying our operation
  • Flip side describes elemental silver composition
  • Competitive pricing compared to sovereign alternatives
  • Capitalize on silver’s intrinsic stability

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