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Understanding Platinum Spot Pricing

The platinum spot price refers to the current market rate at which an ounce of platinum can be exchanged for instant delivery. This live baseline changes minute to minute based on factors like:

  • Global mining supply capacity
  • Industrial and jewelry manufacturing demands
  • Strength of the US dollar
  • Geopolitical unrest in key producing regions

While quoted in dollars per troy ounce, the universal spot price determines the cost for any platinum transaction large or small in real-time. When buying platinum products from Coinhuskers, small premiums reflecting production, shipping and operational expenses get added on top of the fluctuating daily spot rate.

Monitoring platinum’s daily performance can feel overwhelming for newcomers. Our veteran buyers stay on top of updates so you benefit from timely purchases. Contact us with any questions!

Understanding Platinum Valuation

The market rate fluctuates minute-to-minute based on factors like global mining outputs, industrial usage levels, currency strength, and geopolitics. Our team closely monitors these variables.

Slowing automobile manufacturing demand tends to soften prices if less platinum is required for catalytic converters. Rising uncertainty increases safe haven investment inflows.

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The baseline spot price depends on purity and platinum content weight. Additional factors like collectibility, condition rarity, and aesthetic quality add premium value on top of raw melt pricing.

Platinum Purity Guide

Platinum is a precious metal that maintains its shine over time and is prized for its beautiful white luster and durability. When purchasing platinum bullion or jewelry, be mindful of common purity levels:


The highest grade is composed of 95% pure platinum content. Most platinum bullion coins and bars will be this grade.


Contains 90% pure platinum. More alloy content makes this grade more durable for jewelry.


The lowest platinum purity is 85% platinum. Least expensive grade but still offers a bright white appearance.

Unlike gold, platinum purity is measured in 1,000 parts instead of 24K. But similar to gold, platinum is commonly alloyed with copper and titanium to improve hardness and workability. The naturally white hue, brilliance, and resistance to tarnishing make platinum a beloved precious metal.

Understanding the differences between platinum purity levels allows smart purchases from reputable dealers like Coinhuskers. Contact us with any questions!

What is Platinum Bullion?

Platinum bullion refers to pure platinum, officially certified as being at least 99.95% pure precious metal. It is held in the form of bars, ingots, or coins, mostly for investment purposes.

Key Attributes of Platinum Bullion

High Purity Standards

Must be .9995 pure platinum to qualify as bullion. This ensures its inherent and resale value.

Platinum Bars and Ingots

Mass produced by refiners and mints in various sizes from 1 gram up to 100 oz. Allow convenient storage and transport.

Platinum Bullion Coins

Special platinum coins struck by government mints in set weights like 1/10 oz and 1 oz, with a legal tender face value.

Platinum Pricing

Trades at prevailing platinum spot prices plus a small premium from the manufacturer.

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