Precious Metals Selling Guide

Welcome to our precious metals selling guide – whether you want to liquidate holdings for a major purchase or gift heirs a financial legacy, we break down all the essential steps around capitalizing on your tangible assets quickly and easily.

Top Products We Purchase

We buy all forms of gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion coins, rounds and bars – along with unused jewelry containing precious metals for melt value. Rare vintage numismatic coins or currency notes are appraised by our resident expert toward competitive offers. Diamonds, luxury watches or estate jewelry also purchased outright or on consignment towards auction listing. Contact us about specialty items not listed – we likely have demand!

How We Determine Fair Valuation

Current precious metal spot rates serve as baselines but condition scarcity drives worth for collector pieces. We leverage 60+ years of combined experience accurately appraising items down to details. Evaluations may factor unique hallmarks, mintage volume, physical wear levels relative to surviving specimens, or stone quality docs. Receive initial estimates before shipment or through in-person visits. Count on transparent assessments.

Payment & Liquidation Experience

Upon agreeing to our competitive valuations, customers are promptly paid out through their preferred payment method – cash, check, bank/wire transfer, CashApp, Zelle, etc. We handle all shipping and insurance costs to eliminate hassle. Schedule appointments to meet our team handling local acquisitions, walk through our showroom and view liquidated items up for resale onsite. Enjoy true convenience partnering with Nebraska’s leader.

Is Now the Right Time to Sell?

Like purchasing, market timing helps maximize proceeds but periodic rebalancing also makes sense for most. Rarely do holders liquidate entire precious metals positions – rather, strategic selling of portions over time allows profit capture. Contact us around optimizing tax implications. Keeping some core percentage ensures enduring generational stability and our experts guide decision criteria unique to your situation. We enable easy repeat selling when ready again.

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