Aztec Water Deity

Encapsulating Aztec reverence for water, the 1-ounce Chalchiuhtlicue Silver Coin features the ornate headdress and flowing streams of the goddess on the obverse while traditional ceremonial items she carries grace the reverse in remarkable tribute to extinct cultures minted from .999 fine silver sourced at competitive pricing compared to sovereign alternatives. Bringing mythology around natural elements into alluring physical form through precision minting, this domestically made coin blends precious metals investing with historic iconography rarely merged until now yet equally regarded by historians and investors seeking stability.

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Bringing Aztec water mythology into remarkable form, this 1-ounce silver round encapsulates the revered goddess Chalchiuhtlicue:

  • Obverse features the ornate headdress and flowing streams of the deity
  • Reverse bears traditional batten and rattle wielded in ceremonies
  • Struck in 1 full troy ounce .999 fine silver
  • Made domestically allowing competitive pricing
  • Compelling iconography honoring vanished cultures

This privately minted coin merges folklore around natural elements with the reliability of investment-grade silver. Browse more stunning rounds or inquire about securing distinctive Chalchiuhtlicue editions to appreciate lost civilizations.