About Coinhuskers

Coinhuskers was founded in 2011 by Dave Peter, a coin and precious metals enthusiast who saw an emerging business opportunity. Initially establishing the company in Pocatello, Idaho, to benefit from the state’s lack of sales tax on gold and silver, Dave ran Coinhuskers as a small but ambitious one-person operation focused on education and building client relationships. After the first year, Coinhuskers relocated across the border to Council Bluffs, Iowa, to continue tax-free precious metal sales through 2012 and 2013.

Sensing the rapid growth of the Omaha metro region as a hub for finance, in April 2014, Coinhuskers moved its headquarters to Omaha, Nebraska, after the state eliminated sales taxes on gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion. Dave hired additional staff to match rising local demand and to showcase Coinhuskers’ extensive inventory of coins, bars, and rounds. Now well-established in Omaha but still maintaining its founder’s core values of personalized service and transparent transactions, Coinhuskers specializes in buying and selling precious metals alongside rare currency, jewelry, watches, diamonds, and other valuables.

Who does Coinhuskers serve?

Coinhuskers proudly serves a wide variety of individual and institutional clients when it comes to buying and selling gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals. We assist everyday investors looking to diversify their portfolios, collectors acquiring rare coins or banknotes for their next auction bid, jewelers sourcing materials, and corporations hedging against inflation. Our buying power and passion translates into excellent pricing and service for any customer, big or small. All are welcome at Coinhuskers!

What does Coinhuskers offer?

At Coinhuskers, our extensive inventory includes popular gold and silver bullion coins and bars, rare numismatic coins, currency notes, jewelry containing precious metals, diamonds, and watches. We buy outright or make competitive offers to purchase any qualifying items. With fair appraisals and transparent pricing, you can trust Coinhuskers when liquidating valuables or exchanging your current holdings for precious metal products better suited for your investing goals. We offer it all!

Meet Dave Peter, Leader of the Coinhuskers team.

Leading Coinhuskers is owner Dave Peter—a Omaha native with a contagious passion for the world of coins and precious metals. Quickly smiling and eager to talk shop, Dave brings an easygoing charm while maintaining his comprehensive knowledge of the latest market trends and collectibles.

Dave is proud to call Omaha home after graduating from the University of Nebraska Omaha with degrees in finance, banking and real estate. Before opening Coinhuskers, he gained over 8 years of small business management experience successfully running a full-service lawn care operation. This background built Dave’s outstanding customer service approach that he now applies to educating Coinhuskers’ clientele daily.

While serious about staying on top of his trade, Dave understands investing in gold, silver and beyond can feel complicated for beginners. He excels at taking complex financial concepts and breaking them down into useful, understandable advice anyone can implement. His passion shows through whether admiring a newly arrived set of silver eagle bullion or examining rare currency for auction.

Next time you want to buy or sell precious metals, say hello to Dave at Coinhuskers! Blending financial expertise with midwestern hospitality, he looks forward to serving as your guide in precious metals.

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