Snowflake Bar

Our 10-ounce Silver Hexagonal Snowflake bullion coin features phenomenal obverse 3D lattice work with a dynamic holographic mintmark as crafted domestically from nearly pure .999 fine silver at competitive pricing compared to alternatives. Honoring seasonal joy and wonderment, this substantial stacked silver piece merges glistening icy iconography, a distinctive geometric shape, and ethical precious metals, infusing cultural fascination rarely embodied until now.

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Celebrating the most wonderful time of year, our 10-ounce hexagonal silver snowflake encapsulates the delicate beauty of winter’s icy crystals within fine American silver showcasing:

  • Intricate obverse dendrite flake latticework with 3D-effect background
  • Dynamic holographic mintmark alternates between logo and weight
  • Flipside describes 10 ounces of .999 purity content
  • Superb domestically sourced minting and engraving
  • Seasonal motifs honoring individuality and interconnectedness

This substantial stacked bullion piece brings together glistening snowflakes, distinctive geometry and ethical precious metals rarely merged until now. Find similar conversation-worthy silver or browse additional new holiday releases above. Contact Coinhuskers to inquire about securing editions boasting unique yearly dated holiday iconography.