Silver Round

Capturing uplifting themes of unity and togetherness within fine American silver, the 1-ounce Silver Unity Round features a thought-provoking high-relief emblem representing bonds between all people minted from .999 pure metal sourced at competitive pricing compared to sovereign alternatives. With multiple collectible sizes and formats available, this privately manufactured bullion made domestically merges ethical precious metal investing with inspired artwork conveying universal ideals of optimism and harmony.

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Our 1-ounce Silver Unity Round strikes offer more than mere precious metals:

  • Features uplifting high-relief emblem representing bonds between all people
  • Struck from .999 fine silver in 1 full troy ounce weight
  • Made domestically allowing competitive pricing over sovereign alternatives
  • A distinctive addition to diversify bullion holdings beyond commonplace options
  • Multiple collectible sizes/formats available beyond this 1 oz round

By merging ethical silver bullion with inspired artwork conveying universal ideals, the 1 oz Silver Unity Round enables investors to hold both financial value and cultural meaning in each coin. Browse additional unity pieces above or contact Coinhuskers to pre-order new releases, gift purchases, or discuss specialty precious metals consultation today.