English Britannia

First introduced in 1997 then later upgraded to .999 fineness in 2013, the iconic Silver Britannia bears the current effigy of the ruling British monarch on the obverse while the reverse features a standing image of Britannia, the female warrior and symbol of England herself carrying legal tender status as £2 coins with higher intrinsic silver value. Mass-produced brilliant uncirculated versions satisfy bullion demand yet the Royal Mint also issues aesthetically enhanced proof and other collectible editions in limited quantities annually to drive demand alongside gold counterparts.

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Among Britain’s most iconic silver releases, the English Silver Britannia has encapsulated enduring symbols of the United Kingdom since 1997 including:

  • Effigy of the ruling monarch – currently King Charles III on the obverse
  • Rear view of Britannia, the female warrior personifying England
  • Originally .958 fine silver, now elevated to .999 purity
  • £2 legal tender value with an intrinsic silver price substantially higher
  • Mass-produced brilliant uncirculated and special collector versions

We source Silver Britannias directly from the elite Royal Mint and other sovereign mints to satisfy global demand for these remarkable silver coins celebrating Britain’s rich legacy. Contact Coinhuskers to purchase the quintessential UK bullion coin!