10 oz Bullet (.50 cal)

Our 10-ounce silver .50 Caliber Round pays tribute to the 1930s-era Browning M2 machine gun cartridge that armed Allied vehicles and aircraft through major 20th-century wars – now strikingly brought into an investment-grade .999 fine silver conversation piece comparing precious metal versatility with iconic artillery in amplified form. Celebrating both tremendous mid-century firepower apex and silver’s intrinsic stability through substantial ten-ounce engraving, this visually impressive object brings together awe for such pioneering manned machinery with ethical bullion rarely shaped this way until recent years.

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In addition to standard silver bullion, Coinhuskers offers a substantial 10 oz collectible Silver .50 Caliber Round mimicking the Browning M2 machine gun cartridge design coveted among investors and firearm enthusiasts including:

  • Modeled after the 12.7 x 99mm NATO rounds
  • Iconic heavy caliber armament since the 1930s
  • Struck in 10 troy ounces .999 fine silver
  • Tactile celebration of feat of engineering
  • Honors legacy of American manufacturing

This conversation piece combines awe for pioneering 20th-century weapons craftsmanship with ethical precious metals rarely merged until modern times. Please browse our latest silver bullet arrivals above or contact Coinhuskers to inquire about upcoming new thematic releases.